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Great Adventure of 2012 – Greece & Turkey

In 2012 I took advantage of my one time sabbatical leave from the company and Red and I hit the road for almost seven weeks.  We went on the adventure of a lifetime!   We broke the trip up into two parts Africa and then Greece and Turkey.  I’m starting with the second half because while Greece and Turkey were amazing Africa was it! And I want that section getting top billing on the site :).

For this portion we spent the first few days in Santorini, Greece – one of our most favorite places on the globe!  This gave us a chance to just relax and recharge after 3 weeks on safari.  From there we flew to the neat island of Kos which we enjoyed and also sailed from.  We went out on Seascape Sailing again this time to the Turkish coast and specifically the Datcha peninsula.

Here are photos of those islands and the sailing adventure.


After our nice break sailing we went and investigated Turkey.  Having never been there before we targeted three historical areas for education and adventure.  They were as follows:

Istanbul, Turkey 

Cappadocia, Turkey

Ephesus, Turkey







While Greece is an old favorite now we add Turkey to the list.  Istanbul is an amazing, warm and friendly city and the other locations are fascinating!  Enjoy!

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