San Ignacio Lagoon Gray Whales – Jan 2024

We decided to go checkout the gray whales that come to San Ignacio, Mexico to give birth to their calves. They’ve been known to come right up to skiffs to get direct attention from those on the boat. While we didn’t get that privilege we did get some really up-close experiences!

The trip down and the day in Cabo San Lucas was lovely on its own!

San Ignacio itself is half way up the Baja peninsula on the west coast. It’s a small plane ride over desolate areas and then glamping in the desert. The lagoon is peaceful but right on the edge of the very active Pacific ocean.

We would head out multiple times a day to visit the section of the lagoon the whales frequent. There are strick rules about how much time each boat can spend with the whales. We had several great encounters. Here are a sampling of the videos.