Indonesia – 2023

Back to Komodo Island after 6 years away. The mantas and reef life did not disappoint! Neither did the sunsets and good company, traveling with Red and my good friends. Getting to Komodo is much easier than Raja Ampat thankfully – flight to Bali, overnight and short hope to the islands to get on board the Indo Siren, are go to Indonesia live aboard dive boat.

This trip I needed to decompress as it was just months before my retirement and the stress was building so I didn’t bring my usual large underwater camera rig but instead just tried out the Insta360 camera in an UW housing. I don’t generally do video but this unit presented some interesting opportunities. For instance it has a full 360 mode like this – you see the mantas which are in front of me and the divers which are behind me.

It also allowed for more conventional videos and the animal life did not disappoint!

More videos can be seen on this page. Enjoy!

We finished up the trip with a few days in Bali. Good times all around!