Magdalena Bay Mexico – 2022

We adventured to Magdalena Bay, Mexico in November 2022 to try and snorkel with the blue marlin as they hunt bait balls of the worlds second largest sardine run! We had a lot of work, long hot days on the water and great adventures with the super fast predators. Nautilus Liveaboards continues to run great operations.

The trip down was an outstanding day of the PacNW’s best mountains in view.

No still images for these animals, too fast for me, but my mask mounted video camera made for some good short videos. Here’s three of the best samples.

Also with us were schools of 1000’s of mobula rays. Seeing them in the water was cool but the video wasn’t great, however I did catch them breeching on the surface over and over again. Just magic!!

When we weren’t spending the long days on the water the sunsets never disappointed.

And on our return to port we met the local marina master and got some good advice.