Magdalena Bay Mexico – 2022

We adventured to Magdalena Bay, Mexico in November 2022 to try and snorkel with the blue marlin as they hunt bait balls of the worlds second largest sardine run! We had a lot of work, long hot days on the water and great adventures with the super fast predators. Nautilus Liveaboards continues to run great … Read more

Northwest Passage 2022

Our original plan had been to tour the Kamchatka Peninsula in the summer but one notorious asshole, Valdimer Putin, ruined that trip with his murderous war against Ukraine. As you can imagine it wouldn’t be wise sending Americans, Aussies and Brits into Russian waters in 2022. So we were offered an alternative when that was … Read more

Socorro – 2022

Back to one of my favorite sites, Socorro, or more appropriately the Revillagigedo Islands.  Located about 200 miles southwest of Cabo, Mexico it’s a collection of pinnacle islands rising from the deep. Great diving for big pelagic life including giant mantas who never disappoint! This trip I did with Nautilus Dive Adventures who I highly … Read more