Trip to the Baltic’s – February 2007

Every year SAS airlines runs a special in December where they send an email each day and for that day you can buy tickets to the named city at a very special rate.  The trick is you have to travel in winter! So we considered of all the places SAS flies what would be unique … Read more

Greece & Rome 2004

In July of 2004 I traveled with some dear friends and one other person no-longer-to-be-named to Athens, Greece for a night and then to the islands of Kos, Leros, Lipski, Patmos and a few others aboard the 53′ sailboat Vassilis operated by Diane of Seascape Sailing.  Then three days in Santorini, Greece with a final … Read more

Southeast Asia Dive and Photo Trip 2003

In December of 2003 I traveled for a month in Southeast Asia.  I visited Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and both Bali and Sulawesi in Indonesia.  With over 50 dives at various sites as well as hiking through the jungles to ancient temples, sailing the canals in Bangkok, visiting the Ton Sap floating village in Cambodia and … Read more

Air Show – 2012

Living in the Pacific Northwest has it’s advantages. One of those is when it’s a beautiful day it’s really spectacular!  We got just such a day for the Joint Base Lewis McChord airshow in 2012. We got to see some amazing aircraft and spend the day in the sunlight.  This also allowed us to test our … Read more

Mt Rainier Hike – Oct 2006

This was an amazing adventure, hiking up Mt Rainier for the first time with nothing more than a backpack.  Ted Palazzolo finally convinced me it would be “good for me” and “not so bad”.  Well, a week later as I post these photos there’s still a lot of things that hurt but he was right, … Read more