Peru 2014 – Jungle

Leaving the coast and desert behind we fly to Cusco at 3400m the adjustment was tough. The next day we left for the two day journey into the jungle to the Manú National Park. Heading up to 4300m and then descending down to well below 1000m and traveling by van and then boat it was a long difficult journey. Twelve hours by road, most of it unpaved and switchbacks, overnight in a lodge without power or hot water (and garbage vodka), 2 more hours by van and then 7 hours by boat. (read about surviving it on Red’s blog)

Once there we were able to see some amazing life such as the Cock of the Rock and a tapir along with huge congregations of macaws. This truly is deep jungle.

The trip out was just as difficult – up at 430am boat for 3 hours, jeep through the jungle for one hour, cross on of the most toxic rivers in the world thanks to illegal gold mining and then 2 hours by van followed by a flight back to Cusco.

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