Back to one of my favorite sites, Socorro, or more appropriately the Revillagigedo Islands.  Located about 200 miles southwest of Cabo, Mexico it’s a collection of pinnacle islands rising from the deep. Great diving for big pelagic life including giant mantas who never disappoint! This trip I did with Nautilus Dive Adventures who I highly recommend as a top notch operator.

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This trip was different than most as we are still in COVID and hurricane season is coming earlier and earlier. Thus on arrival and over night in Cabo one needs to be cautious as we need to pass COVID tests the day of boarding. I succeeded in staying clear and testing negative as did everyone else. I didn’t however navigate the streets well and rolled an ankle which made for a sore trip on the boat. As we departed we got an announcement from the captain, we would not be steaming to the Revillagigedo Islands but instead would be heading north to dive the Sea of Cortez and snorkel with massed mobulas and possible orcas. Turns out a hurricane had turned and was heading directly for Socorro. 🙁





We did end up with mobulas and sperm whales as well as great dolphin encounters, nothing I was able to capture well given the visibility but it was a good experience to prepare me for that exact trip we have booked in 2024.

After a couple of days were were able to make the run to Revillagigedo and get in two good days with mantas and other life. Still just wonderful magic! We then had to run again as another hurricane was on it’s way. Unfortunately on the 36hr journey back to Cabo one of the other divers ended up with a sore throat. Sure enough the next day on my flight home I too ended up with a sore throat and then spent the next 14 days testing positive for COVID. Checking in with other divers I know of 4 others in similar state and 2 that skated free. Thankfully my vaccination and double boosters kept me from any serious impact.

Thus is dive travel in the time of COVID and global warming. Rolling with it is the key. Just like rolling with the rolled ankle and the torn up shoulder that I also got on this trip both of which are rehabbing well. All in all a better trip than some buddies of mine experienced a few weeks earlier.

Breaking News: Socorro Vortex Runs Aground • Scuba Diver Life

Which prompted me to buy a RESCUEME PLB1 Personal Locator Beacon. Dive safe out there folks!!

Cheers from the deck and the perfect cold beer!


The view of Rainer on the flight down