After ten years I decide it was high time to head back to Guadalupe Island, Mexico and see what the sharks have been up to. This time I upgrade the trip and went on the great Nautilus Belle Amie with Nautilus Liveaboards. They are a great operation I’ve used before for other trips. Highly recommend their boats and service!

Getting there was a bit of an adventure as was coming home in these days of COVID and difficult boarder crossing but the action was worth it! See the highlight images here.

The Nautilus operation has both surface cages as well as submerged. Each offers a different experience and while both good I ended up with the most action at the surface. The wranglers on the boat are good at their jobs and draw the sharks in to the bait. This created opportunities for amazing sequences such as this one below.







Also checkout these compilations of Shark Wins and Shark Misses.

The trip itself as I said was an adventure with flying down to San Diego, meeting transport at Starbucks, drive to the boarder, clear immigration, drive down to Ensenada and wait to get a COVID test and board the boat. This was after keeping a week long temperature log and getting tested at home the week before. The return involved the same without the tests and without being driven across the boarder and instead having to walk it. Thank goodness for Global Entry which allow my companion and I to skip the hours long wait snaking through town.

OverallĀ  IMO one of the best trips you can do!!