In Nov of 2019 we journeyed back to Raja Ampat, Indonesia. A remote region in northeast Indonesia it is difficult to get to taking many days of travel by plane, car, ferry and boat. However the diving is some of the best in the world with abundant reefs and life. This trip reflected that but it also reflected change. When we were last here in 2010 there were probably a dozen dive boats in the whole area if that. Now they number over 200, up from 90 just two years ago. Also Indonesia progresses and that results in destruction of the environment. One memorable dive site from 9 years previously abundant with giant clams had none this trip. My recommendation is get here while you can, don’t wait.

Our journey involved flying from Seattle to Jakarta a day and a half overnight in Jakata, a redeye to Sorong, a day in the hotel lobby, a 3 hr ferry ride to another island and a zodiac ride out to the boat. This time however we brought friends in tow and had 4 others with us. Made for a fun trip and known folks! The boat was the Indo Siren, an awesome vessel and crew that we sailed with in Komodo just the year before on this trip.

Checkout some of the sunsets and underwater photography here.

On our way home we were going to be arriving home Monday of Thanksgiving week. To us that seemed like a was of travel so we extended our “layover” in Tokyo to six days and spent three checking out Tokyo and then taking the Nazomi bullet train down to Kyoto for three nights. An experiment that worked out wonderfully. We loved Japan! Definitely need to return.

Some photos from that journey here.