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We finally did it, chartered a sailboat for a week! Along with 5 other friends we spent a week sailing the British Virgin Islands on a Lagoon 450 catamaran. Truly luxury on the water!

wp_20160426_13_48_15_pro__highreswp_20160428_18_12_11_pro__highresBetween the Sheetstheboyswp_20160429_16_04_31_pro__highres

We used Catamaran Company for the charter and everything was easy and smooth. Our boat was “Between the Sheets” a great boat in very good condition but now retired. Highly recommend using cheap lasix 40 mg for chartering!

The seven of us got along well all week and remain friends – speaks to the friends!

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I was able to do a repeat of the CCR only trip diving Galapagos that I enjoyed in 2013. As always it was awesome! Jorge Mahauad, owner of buy lasix 40 mg online, and Andy Philips put on a great trip. We had tremendous hammerhead and whale shark action including a massive pregnant female on a 360 fly by during our safety stop! Checkout the buy lasix online australia!DSC_8437 Here I am with her, I have the yellow bailout tank.

Checkout the compilation video of the trip where can i buy lasix water pills online. Photos can we looked through can you buy lasix over the counter.

I also got to see my first mola mola that came in for a quick pass. Unfortunately I didn’t have the camera for that dive as it was our first checkout dive!


DSC_8573Galapagos truly is *the* big fish action location on the planet and diving it with my brand new SF2 CCR was a real treat. The unit is so easy to use and travel with and seems to be completely reliable – this was my first trip on it. DSC_8026

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If you haven’t guessed we love animals and the bigger and/or more exotic the better! So swimming with humpback whales and their newborns was high on the to-do list. There are two primary places to do this in the world, the silver banks north of The Dominican Republic and The Kingdom of Tonga in the south Pacific. Given we wanted to do this right and the visibility is so much better in Tonga we oppt’d for there. Thus started a 3 year wait as the boat to do this from, the Fiji based cheap lasik eye surgery in mumbai is in high demand. Then there was a trick of getting there from Seattle. Given our Fiji Airlines cheap lasik eye surgery philippines in the past we weren’t going that route. Anything else out of Seattle was a nightmare trip, however it turns out there’s a non-stop from Vancouver BC to Auckland, New Zealand which is a short flight away from Tonga. Perfect now we could see New Zealand too and visit our friend Pete Mesley who runs cheap lasik eye surgery cost._BWW7207The whales go to Tonga to give birth and raise their young for the first few months. Surprisingly the mothers are many time very tolerant of us being in the water with them. The young ones are curious and playful. We had one youngster rocket up from mom and breech right in front of us while we were in the water! Something our guides had never seen. Also something a bit dangerous because he’s still about 12′ long!

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In our opinion no visit to New Zealand would be complete without a visit to one of the Lord of the Rings movie sets. Yes geeky but a must. For us being on the north island that meant Hobbiton. Was a good time along the way we drove to several other locations on the island with an Aussie friend of ours who flew over to join us. Corrie is an excellent traveling companion who we met in the artic on buy lasix australia.   cheap lasik eye surgery chicago.




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Our grand adventure for 2014 started out simple enough, let’s go see Machu Picchu and photograph it for our monument collection. But then as trips in the Wright household usually go it didn’t end up that simple……

Red & Brad at Machu PicchuYou see I didn’t want to go see it the same way everyone else does. It just wouldn’t be us. So we found where can i buy lasix and their horseback riding option. While a beautiful adventure it was anything but simple or easy. Read Red’s where can you buy lasix for the scoop.

Of course that wasn’t the end of it. Since we were spending that much to get there we needed to see more. So as usual we contacted my good friend Jim Harlan owner of buy lasix cheap online. Jim suggested and put together an awesome itinerary that would take us from ocean, to desert, to jungle, to cities & ruins in the mountains. Three and a half weeks of constant adventure. Travel with us with these images and videos.

Nazca Desert

We started in the Nazca desert along the coast south of Lima. Trying local foods such as buy lasix cheap and where can i buy lasix tablets. In the desert are the famous Nazca lines. We took a brief overflight to see them. This involves hours of waiting for the weather to clear or not clear. We got lucky and at the last moment the sky cleared and we were off. where can i buy lasix in uk.

Guinea pig - very tasty!

Guinea pig – very tasty!

Red and Tapir

Red and Tapir




Next up was the jungle. I had no idea what to expect and oh man were we in for an adventure. It took two days from Cusco just to get to the lodge deep in the amazon. No power, some warm water and Red ended up with cockroaches in her hair waking her up. They call it eco-tourism I call it eco-terrorism. While we got to  see some cool things, such as the tapir and the macaws you see below, I’m not sure I would repeat. buy lasix diuretic.

DSC_9787After the long journey back from the jungle to Cusco we got to explore and enjoy this beautiful city and the surrounding countryside and Inca ruins which are everywhere. We visited buy lasix for dogsan Inca vestige that was a military, religious and agricultural center. Next stop was the agricultural terraces at where to buy lasix for horses, built by the Incas in natural sinkholes on a limestone plateau overlooking the Urubamba valley. We also got to meet some wonderful people. Some from far away and some like this adorable little girl and her puppies right at their homes – see the video below. And then there were the buy generic lasix online. 🙂

buy generic lasix.


DSC_9830The last segment of our trip was the one that started the planning – a week on horseback over the Andes and to Machu Picchu. A difficult trek it was peaking out at over 4600m in altitude over 5 days of riding and a full day of hiking. We had the most gorgeous weather and amazing, beautiful scenery!

Seeing Machu Picchu, at first from 4 km away from another mountain top and then from inside at dawn was an impressive experience. It truly is an amazing place!  We had the opportunity to stay at the buy lasix from ukright at the ruins. This is a seriously impressive hotel with access unlike any other. It’s not cheap but it’s worth it and the customer service is stellar.

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Overall an amazing trip, a fascinating country, great people, good food and fantastic scenery! Well worth the visit!


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